10 Reasons to Stay at a B&B

Because it can be escape season all year round

With so many options for staycation, you may be trying to decide between typical hotels or Bed and Breakfast accommodations that are already so popular nowadays. Hotels are definitely convenient, but you just might be looking for something more.

Traveling, or staying somewhere away from home, can be a meaningful experience in the right place. Here's why (in no particular order):

1. Food is always part of the package.

It is a bed and breakfast after all. But the great thing about it is it's not the average fare at a common hotel restaurant (or it shouldn't be). Spacio Caliraya's in-house restaurant Smokin' Danny's serves specialty cuisine that a lot of patrons come a long way for. Food reflects the spirit of a locality, especially in our very regional country, and is always part of the experience.

2. Customer service is a step above.

Local proprietors of smaller B&Bs are more hands-on, and a lot of them manage the property themselves. Since the managers are usually the owners too, they tend to be more attentive and welcoming. Moreover, as a smaller establishment, the staff are more tuned in to each guest's needs and special requests. 

3. There are attractions to be discovered.

Unlike typical hotels, a lot of B&Bs are not in the bustling cities. While cities offer various entertainment and recreation options, there are tons of undiscovered attractions elsewhere, many of them right where B&Bs reside. At Spacio Caliraya, it's scenic almost everywhere you look, not to mention there's a specialty restaurant and signature blends cafe within the property itself.

4. You can connect with other explorers.

Not all of us travel with the intention to meet someone new, but forming a connection with other travelers in a special location will surely enrich the experience. B&Bs provide a more conducive atmosphere for interacting with other guests, unlike bigger establishments where you might just keep to yourself like everybody else.

5. It feels more private.

A B&B is also an excellent choice if you want a more intimate experience. Since it's a smaller business, you're less likely to feel that you're sharing common space with a lot of people. 

6. It's a uniquely curated experience.

What makes B&Bs so charming is their uniqueness. A B&B experience is mostly tailored according to what the locality has to offer, which makes it vastly different from others. Caliraya for instance is on a mountain with a man-made lake, and Spacio Caliraya's guests can enjoy bonfires, boat rides, and dining amid a rustic theme.  

7. It's easy to be adventurous.

Depending on the location, you might find yourself wanting an adventure beyond staycation, and it's better and safer to have a guide. B&B management and staff can provide useful and reliable information, as they're locals and have in-depth knowledge of surrounding areas you may wish to explore. 

8. You'll be supporting a small business.

There's nothing quite like feeling that you're able to give something back. B&Bs aim to provide more than convenience - they're designed to fulfill some of your heart's desires. Choosing to stay at a B&B adds momentum for the small business to thrive, thus you'll be helping the community in your own way. Which is an added bonus to the experience you'll be having.

9. It provides next level R&R.

We're all busy bees in our now fast-paced world, and finding true rest and relaxation can be a challenge. More than a nice place to sleep and stay, B&Bs help the mind recuperate. They're quieter and more intimate all around, providing a more healing environment away from the stress at home and the workplace. 

10. You'll have a memorable stay.

We've established that B&Bs are unique, and that means they're not so forgettable. They can go beyond accommodation - the food, attractions, people and overall design and feel of the place all come together in a one-of-a-kind package. It's not a generic overnight stay, it's a meaningful experience.

Final Insight

Whether we're getting away to explore or escape, a B&B will always be a great option. Taking a break from all the mental clutter in our lives is becoming more and more a necessity these days. Whichever location and season, a B&B may have something special and meaningful to offer. And you may have yet to realize just how much you really need it.

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