Things to Do at Spacio Caliraya

Explore the possibilities


Caliraya has always been well-known as a leisure destination - a mountain escape, with various resorts all around a man-made lake. Blessed with a naturally cool climate and spectacular views everywhere, Caliraya is an ideal location for anyone looking to unwind and bask in a change of scenery.

But not everyone knows that there’s actually a lot more here. At  Spacio Caliraya, we have a full range of offerings - from a bed and breakfast resort, to dining and events. And that’s not even all. Here’re all the things you can do here:


1. Relax and wind down.

We mean this in the truest sense. Because why do we go on getaways? Sure, we all want to have a good time. But sometimes the point is to just get some quality rest and have some quality time with the people who matter - somewhere special.

Spacio is so easily accessible that travel is a breeze. It’s a convenient escape to get that much-needed R&R.


2. Immerse.

While some of us just want a quick break, many of us also need a major breather. And with its lush and verdant mountainscape, Spacio is perfect for this. True to its name, Spacio Caliraya has so much space that you can take your pick among a number of spots where you can meditate or just breathe, to isolate your mind from clutter. With nature all around, you can just immerse yourself - and we don’t just mean in the pool, though of course that’s nice, too. 


3. Dine.

Spacio Caliraya offers bed and breakfast so this is kind of a given. But what’s more is that breakfast is served at Smokin’ Danny’s, Spacio’s in-house restaurant, open for dine-in (or order for pick-up!) from morning to evening. 

Smokin’ Danny’s is not just any in-house resto - the food is just one of the reasons our customers keep coming back. 


4. Drink and chill.

A cozy mountain retreat is not complete without a nice drink. Hot or cold, nothing spells chill quite like a quality beverage. 

Bottle & Brew is Spacio’s in-house cafe, where you can enjoy signature coffee (or non-coffee!) blends, wine, and beer. 


5. Have a bonfire night.

Cool evenings in Caliraya match perfectly with great ways to warm up, and not just literally. Spacio offers a bonfire setup with s’mores which can be enjoyed in groups - bringing you closer together, under the stars. It’s an excellent bonding experience you can share with friends and loved ones. 


6. Go on a lake tour.

If you’re thinking about sightseeing in Caliraya, a lake tour is the way to go. Cruising on Lake Caliraya means fresh breeze, calm waters, and a great variety of interesting properties and resorts to see. Here at Spacio we can arrange this for you, and you can check out much of what the Caliraya area has to offer, without the extra effort.


7. Ride on horseback.

Spacio Caliraya is lovely to explore, and what better way to do it than on horseback? Take a leisurely stroll around the property on one of our gentle horses and go on a little adventure. The kids are sure to love it, too!


8. Take awesome photos (and videos!)

There’s a reason Spacio is now a known venue for photoshoots. It goes without saying that it’s a beautiful place, and it provides a charming and even dramatic background for those Instagram worthy photos. 

You can make a reservation for a shoot here at Spacio, if you have a camera crew, props, and all that jazz. And even if you’re just staying at the B&B or dining in, it’s an absolute must to get some great shots - most especially if you’re having an event here.


9. Celebrate occasions.

Special occasions are a great reason to indulge, and we welcome celebrating guests almost everyday here at Spacio. Be it at the restaurant or B&B, customers come to celebrate with good food or a relaxing stay. 

And if you’ll be having a full-blown event, whether it’s intimate or one with a hundred guests, the Spacio Caliraya Events Venue has got you covered. You can rent out the venue exclusive for your guests, and even bring in your own event suppliers for all the bells and whistles. And just so you know, Smokin’ Danny’s caters as well, and Bottle & Brew can provide your coffee needs. Our B&B can also accommodate your staying guests. We’re quite like a one-stop shop.


Final Word

Now that you know exactly what’s in store for you, all you have to do is call or send us a message. Or you can get to know us even better on this website! You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram @spaciocaliraya - we announce promos and special offers every now and then. 

Come and visit our special place on the other side of Caliraya Lake. Celebrate, stay, chill, and dine with us! We promise it will be worth your while.